The dates for the 2015 CRAA Rock Art Conference have been changed from the May dates to the weekend of September 18-20. Check the CRAA Facebook page for details upcoming.



March 7 Board Meeting - Rosi Dennett, Bob Rushforth, Jann Gorski

Left to right: Rosi Dennett, Bob Rushforth (President), and Jann Gorski.

A meeting of the officers and board of directors of the CRAA was held on Saturday, March 7, 2015, to finalize plans for the 2015 CRAA Annual Meeting at the Rodeway Inn in Alamosa, Colorado. This event will be held from May 29 to 31 in the San Luis Valley of Colorado where so much rock art can be found. Friday evening there will be a Meet and Greet social get-together with a talk. Saturday will be the sessions of papers with a Membership Meeting and the banquet in the evening with our Keynote speaker (to be announced later). Sunday will be a day for Field Trips with both half-day and full-day trips planned to fit your schedule. Watch for further announcements and the call for papers coming soon.


Long-time friend, and CRAA Board member, Carol Patterson has some possible rock art recording projects in Western Colorado that she is looking for volunteers for. If you think that you might be interested and might be in a position to help with any of this contact her. Who knows, your help might be just the added boost that gets these projects off the ground? And, if you do get involved, send me the material for consideration for posting on - Mesa County, CO - Carol Patterson

Ute warrior panel, Blue Creek. Photo: Carol Patterson.

2012_10_2_Blue_Creek_man_w_shield_and_gun, Mesa County, CO - Carol Patterson - Copy


Detail from Ute warrior panel, Blue Creek.Photo: Carol Patterson

1. Paradox Valley with the BLM. This project needs help finishing the site forms and drawings for at least 5 sites with large panels. March to May. Camping or motels in Naturita which is not far away.

2. Blue Creek, Ute warrior scratched glyphs on BLM land. Possibly mid-May. Lodging is probably camping at an abandoned ranch near the site.

3. Shavano needs more rock art panels recorded within the boundaries of the new acquisition by the Archaeology Conservancy. It is only 5 miles from town or camping on-site might be arranged. April -May should be good weather. This might be organized as a field school with possible lodging at Carol’s home in Montrose.

Call Carol if you are interested in working with, and learning from, a highly experienced professional and a real rock art enthusiast.


Carol Patterson, PhD., RPA, Urraca Archaeological Services

P. O. Box 1721, Montrose, CO 81402

Cell: 970-252-8679 



Members of Colorado Rock Art Association are dedicated to educating the public about rock art and the importance of protecting it. We have trunk programs that are regularly taken into schools. In October of this year CRAA member Betsy Weitkamp took our program to Mt. View Elementary school in Broomfield, Colorado, and presented it to a girl scout troop.



The Colorado Archeological Society (CAS) studies ancient peoples and especially those in southwest US.  CAS has developed a program to help children at third and fourth grade levels understand that people have lived near Denver for thousands of years.  CAS would like to present the program to your group.  It is underwritten by CAS and free to groups.

 mtview3 (2)

The program starts with a slide show explaining what archaeologists do and talks about the ancient Indians in the southwest.  Students will learn when Indians lived in this area,  How they applied art on rock and what their art may mean.  We emphasize the importance of avoiding damage to the art work of the people who placed it on the rocks.  It is so important to leave the history for other people to view now and in the future.

After the one-half hour slide show we will give each child a picture of rock art done by Indians many years ago and a page protector to put over it.  With markers that we will provide, they will trace the historic pictures.  The page protector with their rock art copies can be taken home.  There will be a large piece of paper posted  where the children can duplicate their “rock art” and that panel will remainwith the group.  Then we will talk about what the artist might have meant by their pictures.   Archaeologists are continually finding Indian artifacts and ancient homes at sites near Denver so we know that many people have been living in the area for thousands of years and it is good for children to understand more about their environment.

The program lasts for 1 ½ hours but it can be adjusted to the time available.  Items needed for the presentation are, a computer to insert a CD to show the slide show, a large sheet of paper for the rock art panel and copies of 2 or 3 handouts for the use of the children.  We provide the originals.  If the supplies are not available we will provide them as well.

For more information call Betsy Weitkamp,

303-722-1656 or send mail to


The original CRAA archives

The Colorado Rock Art Association archives were originally founded in 1996 at Colorado State University in Fort Collins under the sponsorship of Dr. Jason Labelle. They are now housed in the CSU Anthropology department and house photographs, slides, field sketches, tracings, field reports, books and other materials relating to Colorado rock art.